The Interactive Indices to the 1939-2010 issues of the Czechoslovak Specialist support searches by author and subject as well as by two sets of catalog numbers: Scott, the standard American tool, and POFIS, the major Czech language catalog. The indices are called interactive because every citation contains a hyperlink to a readable PDF copy of the article cited. Multiple articles may be reviewed simultaneously.

Within the more than 400 pages that make up the indices are some 15,000 citations, 3400 subject headings, and nearly 700 author headings. For quick reference purposes, thousands of the citations are annotated with catalog numbers. In essence, users have at their fingertips an immense encyclopedia devoted to Czechoslovak philately.

The award winning Czechoslovak Specialist, published by the Society for Czechoslovak Philately since 1939, is filled with information useful to collectors. There are lists in the various languages current in the Czech and Slovak territories of post office and place name equivalents. The journal's dictionaries assist in translating philatelic terms and it has published extensive descriptions of newly released stamps for the past seventy years. Issues contain thoughtful and focused articles about every aspect of Czechoslovak philately ranging in level from beginner to expert. On occasion, the Specialist provides translations of lengthy works published in serial form.

More information about the Specialist and the Society for Czechoslovak Philately may be found on its web site,

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